Backing Tracks for guitarists and singers

As an alternative to guitar pro and midi based tabs for recording cover songs in order to practice your guitar playing, singing and/or mixing skills, I offer high quality drum and bass backing tracks for cover songs and originals.

Drums would be programmed and humanized from scratch BY EAR from the original song without the use of tabs, I will program what I'm hearing, emulating not only the "composition" but also the style of the performance as regards dynamics in velocity and timing.

Bass would be with either my Strinberg Clb-25 or my Warwick Corvette Proline '92 Made in Germany, both of which can handle virtually any tuning from A to E and anything in between. I would provide a clean DI track apart from any effected tracks through pedals or amps that are desired for the project. Gear available include: MXR M80 Bass DI+, Proco Rat overdrive pedal, Peavey Firebass 700 amp head, Axe FXII, and other gear available on demand.

The normal package is that I would deliver everything raw: the midi file mapped to EZdrummer/Superior Drummer or general midi* with the tempo map embedded (in some cases the tempo map will have a lot of small variations, to make up for the "free tempo" nature of the original song if it has any, such as the samples posted below), and the separate bass tracks in mono 44.1Khz 24 bit .Wav files**. This will allow you to record guitars and/or vocals and ultimately mix it to your taste and for your own enjoyment/practice/experience. Also, I can offer different "versions" of the service, as listed below with average pricings:

Backing tracks for mixing: This is the standard service described above, you recieve everything raw, to record and mix at will. For a 3 to 4 minute song with "normal" complexity (no blast beats, more of a "rock" than metal feel, although double kick is fine), it would be 80€ per song, but this can go up considerably if the length and complexity of the song is higher, because the time needed grows exponentially. Always ask for a definite price before giving a down payment.

Pre-mixed backing track: If you simply want to have a "karaoke" track to play and record on top of without mixing, for a small extra fee I can give you a pre-mixed mp3 or .wav file of the drums and bass already mixed together on top of which you can start playing right away. For the basic 80€ pack, an extra 40€, bringing it up to 120€ which will get you the pre-mixed file, with the right to one "mix revision", if there's anything in the initial mix not to your liking. You will also recieve all the raw tracks if you want them.

Backing tracks with real drums: Depending on the project, I have several session drummers and recording studios on hand to record high quality live drum tracks instead of midi drums. Rates and availability vary, make an enquiry beforehand and we can discuss the details.

Samples: samples-stems/Ghost Ritual Final (maybe) Mix.mp3 Track Service/Samples/Anti Nowhere League Sample.mp3 Track Service/Samples/SYL Love Sample 1.mp3 Track Service/Samples/SYL Love Sample 2.mp3 Track Service/Samples/World Of Promises Sample.mp3

A live bass playthrough video of the song "BLOODHUNTER" from the band of the same name:

*= I don't own Steven Slate drums or Addictive Drums but I could map it if needed, I just can't guarantee the velocities will "feel" as intended because different drum libraries seem to work better at different velocity levels so auto-mapping after the fact isn't guaranteed to work as well as programming from scratch in the intended library, as I would do with EZdrummer 2, which I do own

**= Sample rate, bit depth and file type can change if wanted, of course, this is just the standard I work with